A Tribute to the Pooches

When you were first introduced to this blog, you probably asked yourself, “Why Penny and Henry?”. This blog is named after my two precious pups: Penny (short for Penelope), 5 and Henry,3. They are both miniature dachshunds, and both have equally interesting personalities.  Penny is the  alpha female, that has got a lot of sass. Henry is the floppy male, that enjoys napping quite a bit. Shortly after Penny entered the picture, our family realized that Penny needed a friend that she could boss around. The simple solution was to get another dachshund (of course). After a quick period of puppy bonding, the pooches were inseparable. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly, and are vital to our family dynamic. Because I have grown to love them so much, they are a common topic of discussion with my friends and family…. So if you are a doggie fan, you have come to the right place!!





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