Let’s Ride a Bike!

Summer isn’t quite summer without a few outings on the most eco-friendly of transportations, the bike. One of my favorite things of summer is peddling up the street to grab some ice cream, or riding along sandy streets beside pastel colored shops. As you can see we bicyclers follow in the graceful footsteps of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy. I love Lilly Pulitzer’s take on the classic beach cruiser with Lilly’s signature pattern covering the whole bike. I also love this light blue beach cruiser, the perfect summer bike. The links to purchase the bikes are listed below. However, what bike is complete without a basket. My favorite baskets are the Nantucket Beach Baskets, which are not only well made, but are the perfect accessory for any bike. And they have the perfect dog baskets for your own penny and henrys! If you love bikes I would highly suggest you look at the blog Rides A Bike on Tumblr, which has hundreds of photos of new and old hollywood peddling around on bikes. Let’s Go Ride A Bike!



Via: http://bicyclette.dreamwidth.org/tag/grace+kelly
Via: http://bouffeebambini.blogspot.com/2010_08_15_archive.html
Via: Via: http://wunderbuzz.co.uk/people/rides-a-bike/

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