When in Louisville. . .

When in Louisville…

Before beginning I would like to apologize for the inexcusable gap between the previous post and the one I am writing now. Traveling and blogging do not exactly go hand in hand. We traveled to Virginia, where Maggie went to visit close family friends, and then I headed for Louisville. I will not deny my partiality, considering some of my most dear childhood memories call Louisville home, I still find Louisville a fascinating city. From the strong old stone buildings lining the downtown streets to the columned houses standing firm on rolling green hills Louisville is endearing in its harmonious blend of tradition, history and culture. As I have grown up calling Louisville a second home some things have become staples in my trip, and I would like to share them with you. So if you are ever in Louisville you will hopefully see the charm the city has to offer.

Where to stay?


Written up in details magazine as one of four new hotels for the culturally obsessed, 21c Museum and Hotel combines culinary and artistic genius. 21c is immediately recognizable from the sidewalk as they have replaced a light post with large chandelier hanging over the street. The downstairs of the hotel doubles as a museum and lobby, boasting a plethora of some of the most celebrated modern artists. However the artwork is not the only asset to 21c adjoining the lobby is the hotel’s award winning restaurant Proof on main, which presents a menu as exceptional as the artwork housed just a few steps away.

The Brown Hotel

For a more historical stay in Kentucky the Brown Hotel built in 1923. Decorated in a Georgian Revival style the two story tell Brown lobby embodies sophistication and southern elegance. Because of the general splendor the Brown has become a favorite place of stay for the most distinguished Derby attendees. The Brown also houses the English Grill, which has been voted “Louisville’s Best Restaurant”. However, my favorite culinary treasure at the Brown is the Hot Brown served at J. Graham’s café.

Where to Eat?

Please and Thank You

Please and Thank You is the perfect place for lunch or a snack. Come and listen to records while munching on the capriole special with goat cheese, warm grapes, rosemary honey, baguette, and a side of arugula while sipping their iced tea made with P&T Black Tea, ice and mint.

Café Classico

Café Classico is my favorite place for dinner. My favorite on the menu is the West Coast, which is cucumber, avocado, lettuce and chipotle mayonnaise on a toasted pugliese roll. With its white walls and light floors Café Classic is perfect for a relaxing dinner after a long day of enjoying the Blue Grass State.

Le Ralais

I would classify Le Ralais as the most romantic place in Louisville, with the soft french music playing and the rich walnut walls, it is suspended in time as if plucked from a 1920’s city. Le Ralais occupies the historic airport terminal at Bowman field. Enjoy the delicious French food while looking out over the airport landing strips, which never fail to remind me of the final scene in Casablanca.

Where to Shop?

The Dover House

One of the most distinguished antique and mercantile shops in Louisville, and perhaps in the south. This shop is hands down one of my favorite places to visit when in Louisville . Housing everything from needlepoint belts to beautiful antique pieces it has something that appeals to everyone! We always find it difficult to walk out of the Dover House without a bag or two of treats.


Housed conveniently in St. Mathews, next to the Pie Kitchen, which has the best Dutch Apple pie, Clodhoppers has been a Louisville staple for years. It has a wide section, which covers almost all price ranges. I personally recently bought an adorable little black dress for only $60.

For more great places in Louisville I would suggest the Original Makers Club website, which is exactly what it’s slogan advertises: “High End/ Unique/ Local/ Cultural Guide to Louisville”.


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