Lazy Day in Telluride

After arriving in Telluride  late Sunday, we enjoyed the Fourth of July under a shower of fireworks surrounded by the mountains. Telluride town is a patchwork of pastel colored houses nestled in the heart of some of Colorado’s best mountains. At the center of town is Main street which houses everything from consignment stores to high end boutiques as well as great restaurants. Today we hopped in and out of stores trying to escape the rain. We settled into a bookstore, Between the Covers, and flipped through books searching for the perfect summer reading.

After our bookstore visit we sought warmth at our favorite coffee shop The Coffee Cowboy. If you ever happen to stop by the Coffee Cowboy we would suggest the Mexican Hot Chocolate or the Lone Ranger.


A Tribute to the Pooches

When you were first introduced to this blog, you probably asked yourself, “Why Penny and Henry?”. This blog is named after my two precious pups: Penny (short for Penelope), 5 and Henry,3. They are both miniature dachshunds, and both have equally interesting personalities.  Penny is the  alpha female, that has got a lot of sass. Henry is the floppy male, that enjoys napping quite a bit. Shortly after Penny entered the picture, our family realized that Penny needed a friend that she could boss around. The simple solution was to get another dachshund (of course). After a quick period of puppy bonding, the pooches were inseparable. Their personalities compliment each other perfectly, and are vital to our family dynamic. Because I have grown to love them so much, they are a common topic of discussion with my friends and family…. So if you are a doggie fan, you have come to the right place!!





Let’s start with inspiration. The inspiration for this blog extends from Jackie Kennedy to Queen Victoria. Both women created something mythical. Their lives became more than petty problems and small triumphs, but rather collective symbols. Both women created an image and a life that we still marvel at today. The purpose of our blog is to study the creation of a lifestyle and image that is timeless. Our personal style can be described as southern elegance paired with northern sophistication. We love vintage, but with modern polish. We hope you enjoy!


Maggie & Sarah

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